Safe Drive Audit

Safe Drive India carry out diffferent types of audits for a variety of road users including pedestrains, cyclists and people with diabilities


How these audis together:


Any of the above audit types may be required in addition to a Road Safety Audit within a particular location.  It is the responsibility of the client to organise these audits, and to balance any conflicting recommendations.




1)   Road Safety Audit                     ---   As Per IRC:  SP : 88-2010


2)   Vehicle Assessment Procedure ---   As per Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 Vehicle Fitness check


3)   Driver's Screen test                    ---   Driving Test, Written/Oral test, Vehicle Knowledge Check, Personal interview etc.


4)   Job Safety Observation (JSO)    ---   Cabin run,  Surprise check,  Followup


5)   Driving Assessment                     ---   for Cars  / Buses  /  Trucks  /  Motor Cycle