Crash Investigation & Re-construction

 Crash Investigation is carried out in order to determine the cause of an accident or series of accidents so as to prevent further incidents of a similar kind.


SEUENCE:  Accident analysis is performed in four steps:


Fact gathering:  After an accident happened a process starts to gather all possibly relevant facts that may contribute to understanding the crash.


Fact Analysis:  After the initial process has been completed or at least delivered some results, thefacts are put together to give a "big picture".  The history of the accident is reconstructed and checked for its consistency.


Conclusion Drawing:  If the accident history is sufficienty informative, conclusions can be drawn about causation and contributing factors.


Counter-measures:  In some cases the development of counter - measures is desired or recommendations have to be issued to prevent further accidents of the same kind.



The final analysis is presented in the form of a detailed report supported by maps, photographs, a recreation of the accident is presented in the format 2D or 3D animation (Optional).